Car parking cannot be pre booked less than 4 hours in advance. Parking is available at the airport.

You must select an entry time

Departure date cannot be before arrival date

You must select an exit time

Book Parking at the airport and be guaranteed a parking space

Book and pay for your parking at Luleå Airport and you are guaranteed a place on the area you have chosen. The earlier you book, the better the chance to take full advantage of our offers. Remember that you must book your parking the day before the planned entrance

Video surveillance and patrolling staff

It's safe to park at the airport. All entrances and exits of the parking areas are under camera surveillance and all parking areas patrolled by staff at Luleå Airport Parking and Securitas

Budget car parks are well lit and have enhanced surveillance. Do not forget to lock and empty your car! Swedavia is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or property in the vehicle set at Swedavia parking.